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Meet Our Ambassadors!

these amazing people are an integral part of our growth


Jessie S.

Hi! My name is Jessie and I'm a freshman from Colorado. I play volleyball for club and school and I do track and theatre for my school. I joined Teens With COVID when I was stuck in isolation back in November. I can't wait to see how this program will spread and what it will do for teens from all across the country!


Isabelle A.

I’m a senior from Colorado! I love to write stories, read, and make jewelry. Late last year, my best friend tested positive for COVID. She really struggled with isolation, so I joined Teens With COVID to help other people out who were going through the same thing.


Quinn M.

I’m a sophomore from South Carolina and in my free time I like to write stage plays. I hope to one day direct! I tested positive in January and this group was amazing. I hope to spread the word to my friends who were affected.


Isabella C.

I’m Isabella, I'm from Wyoming, and I’m a junior. I love herpetology, painting, and caring for my reptiles and amphibians. I joined Teens With COVID so that I could talk to people who understand what long-term quarantine is like as well as support those who are just starting quarantine.


Jireth G.

Hi I’m Jireth and I’m a senior from Colorado. I play beach, club, and high school volleyball. I joined Teens With COVID because I want to help those who are currently in quarantine and offer a smile to them while they recover.


Sivon T.

Hey all! My name is Sivon and I am a senior from Florida! I love to take pictures and I sing. I joined Teens With COVID because I, among many others, lost my senior year due to the pandemic. Being a part of this group has allowed to me to become social beyond my Zoom courses.


Sneha V.

Hi I’m Sneha! I’m a sophomore from Arizona. I play soccer and I want to be a doctor in the future. I became an ambassador for Teens With COVID because I wanted to help teens who needed support even though I haven’t had COVID myself. I hope this group provides a safe place for teens to get support during this pandemic.


Nava B.

Hi! My name is Nava, I use she/her pronouns, and I’m a sophomore from New York! I found Teens With COVID through an Instagram story ad and I'm so glad I chose to connect with this organization - I've met so many kind and supportive peers who are all over the country and it's so important to know that we're all in this quarantine together, as obvious as that may seem. As we become more confined to virtual spaces, it's important to expand our horizons.


Liyah R.

Hi all! I’m Liyah (pronounced lee- uh) and I joined Teens With COVID after being exposed and getting a presumed positive test. I’m from Massachusetts, I'm 14 years young, and my pronouns are she/they!


Samantha B.

Hi! My name is Samantha, I’m 17, and I’m from Connecticut. I have a wide range of interests from STEM, to activism, to performing arts. My favorite thing to do is create art related to social issues I am passionate about. I joined Teens With COVID because I saw an opportunity to be involved with something that will benefit others. I really enjoy the group because it has allowed me to meet teens my age from all over the country.


Jelly Z.

Hi! I’m an eighth grader from Pennsylvania. I love superheroes and I speak Spanish and English. I joined Teens With COVID because I wanted to help teens that were lonely during this difficult time. I joined a support group and it was great! Super nice and supportive! I love helping other teens!


Ianelys B.

Hi, I'm Ianelys and I'm a senior in Florida. I love to dance and play volleyball. I joined Teens With COVID because my best friend told me about it and COVID deeply affected my senior year. My experience with the support group was awesome and I'm glad to be a part of Teens With COVID.


Bella P.

Hello! My name is Bella, and I'm a junior from Colorado. I love volleyball, painting, and my two dogs. I had COVID in November 2020, and reached out to Teens With COVID. My support group was so fun and encouraging. It was nice to have people going through the same thing, and people who have already recovered to cheer you on. I joined Teens With COVID ambassadors because I want others to have the same experience I did.

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